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Due to the unprecedented health, travel and social distance restrictions imposed in France and all over the world as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, all participants and exhibitors will be invited to join a virtual ESREF2021 using an efficient web platform.

ESREF 2021 will be organized by IMS laboratory, University of Bordeaux in collaboration with LAAS-CNRS, University of Toulouse – Bordeaux is the European capital for optical and laser engineering, with the so called “ Laser Mégajoule”, one of the most powerful lasers in the world.

Some of the largest companies involved in aeronautic and aerospace industry are located around Bordeaux. Dassault Falcon series private jets are built there as well as the French military aircraft Rafale; the Airbus A380 cockpit, the boosters of Ariane 5.

The University of Bordeaux is leading the “Initiative of Excellence” (Idex) program in association with national research organizations and higher educational institutes. 53 000 students take benefit of the multidisciplinary and international framework of the "Investments for the Future" program.

Hosting ESREF 2021, even in a virtual environment is a great opportunity since reliability in these particular applications is a very hot topic with strong challenges such as zero ppm failure and harsh environments.

For this 32th edition, in addition to the core topics of the conference, we would like to involve the major actors of aeronautics, space and embedded systems industry to provide specific topics such as radiation hardening, very long-term reliability, high/low temperature challenges, obsolescence and counterfeit issues, wide band gap power devices for the more electric aircraft and other embedded system applications.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for a memorable virtual experience!


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