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Monday, October 4

  virtual Room 1
chairperson H. FREMONT
8:50   Machine learning based data and signal analysis methods for the application in failure analysis
M. Kögel, S. Brand
Fraunhofer IMWS
10:30 Coffee Break
  virtual Room 1
chairperson N. NOLHIER
10:50   GaN power transistors: devices, technology and reliability
M. Meneghini
Univ. Padova
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Official opening of ESREF 2021
  virtual Room 1
Session KN1 Key note paper
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons N. LABAT
14:20   Invited paper
FD-SOI, the path to energy efficiency  for 5G, AI and Automotive applications.
P. Flatresse
Session KN2 Key note paper
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons N. LABAT
15:00   Invited paper
Runtime Reliability Hardening for Edge AI and Automotive applications
V. Huard
15:40 Coffee Break
Session D Reliability of microwave devices and circuits
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons J.G.TARTARIN
16:00   Invited paper
Buffer Trap-Induced Current Saturation and Current Collapse in GaN Devices
M. Uren, M. Kuball
Bristol University
16:40 D-1 #61 Reliability and failure analysis in power GaN-HEMTs during S-Band Pulsed-RF Operating
N. Moultif1, S. Duguay1, O. Latry1, E. Joubert1, M. Ndiaye2
17:00 D-2 #147 Stability of the threshold voltage in fluorine-treated normally off AlN/GaN HEMTs co integrated with commercial normally on GaN HEMT technology
F. Albany1, N. Labat1, N. Malbert1, F. Lecourt2, E. Walasiak2, N. Defrance3, A. Curutchet1, H. Maher4, Y. Cordier5
1UMR 5218 - IMS - Laboratoire de l’Intégration du Matériau au Système, 2OMMIC, 3IEMN – CNRS UMR8520, 4LN2 -Université de Sherbrooke, 5CNRS-CRHEA
17:20 D-3 #121 Charge trapping in 0.1 µm AlGaN/GaN RF HEMTs: dependence on barrier properties, voltage and temperature
F. Chiocchetta, C. De Santi, F. Rampazzo, M. Meneghini, G. Meneghesso, E. Zanoni
University of Padova
17:40 D-4 #140 Impact of an AlGaN Spike in the Buffer in 0.15 m AlGaN/GaN HEMTs during Step Stress
Z. Gao1, F. Rampazzo2, M. Meneghini2, N. Modolo2, C. De Santi2, H. Blanck3, H. Stieglauer3, D. Sommer3, J. Gruenenpuett3, O. Kordina4, J.-T. Chen4, G. Meneghesso2, E. Zanoni2
Session A1 Fault tolerant design improvements
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons C. SALM
16:40 A1-1 #18 PReCEP: Automatic Insertion of Partial Redundancy based on Critical Error Probability
G. Luca Nazar1, P. H. Capp Kopper1, M. Tomazzoli Leipnitz1, B. Juurlink2
1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 2Technische Universität Berlin
17:00 A1-2 #95 Similarity based Telemetry Data Recovery for Enhancing Operating Reliability of Satellite
Y. Wu, J. Liang, Y. Peng
Harbin Institute of Technology
17:20 A1-3 #112 Improved Deep Learning based telemetry data anomaly detection to enhance spacecraft operation reliability
L. Yang1, Y. Ma1, F. Zeng2, X. Peng1, D. Liu1
1Harbin Institute of Technology, 2Institute of Navigation Satellite Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS Shanghai

Tuesday, October 5

8:20 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session E1 Assembly evolution during accelerating ageing
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons A. GUEDON-GRACIA
8:30   Invited paper
State of Health Estimation of Electronic Packages using Piezoresistive Stress sensor
P. Gromala
09:10 E1-1 #68 Different steps of failure mechanism in BGA SAC305 solder joints during thermal cycling
E. Ben Romdhane1, P. Roumanille1, A. Guédon-Gracia2, S. Pin1, P. Nguyen3, H. Frémont2
1Institut de Recherche Technologique Saint-Exupéry, 31400 Toulouse, 2Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système, IMS, UMR 5218, 33405 Talence, 3Elemca, 31400 Toulouse
09:30 E1-2 #67 Evaluation of thermomechanical fatigue lifetime of BGA lead-free solder joints and impact of isothermal aging
P. Roumanille1, E. Ben Romdhane1, S. Pin1, P. Nguyen2, J.-Y. Delétage3, A. Guédon-Gracia3, H. Frémont3
1IRT Saint Exupery, 2Elemca, 3IMS Laboratory
09:50 E1-3 #16 Automated quantitative analysis of void morphology evolution in Ag-Ag direct bonding interface after accelerated aging
Z. Yu, T. Xu, S. Letz, C. Bayer, A. Schletz, M. März
Fraunhofer IISB
Session A2 Reliability in power systems
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons C. SALM
9:10 A2-1 #64 PV Mission Profile Simplification Method for Arid Climates
M. B. Fogsgaard, A. S. Bahman, F. Iannuzzo, F. Blaabjerg
Institute of Energy Technology at Aalborg University
09:30 A2-2 #124 On-line temperature measurement during power cycle of PCB-embedded diode
S. Bensebaa1, M. Berkani1, M. Petit2, S. Lefebvre2
09:50 A2-3 #142 Performance analysis of Indium Antimonide thermophotovoltaic system with varied material and geometrical properties
J.S. Choong1, M.S. Mohd Jasni1, W.E.S. Wan Abd Rashid2, Y. Abdul Wahab3, S.F. Wan Muhamad Hatta1
1Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, 2Institute of Power Engineering (IPE), Universiti Tenaga Nasional, UNITEN, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia, 3Nanotechnology & Catalysis Research Centre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur 50603, Malaysia
10:10 Coffee Break
Session A3 New reliability assessment methods
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons C. SALM
10:30   Invited paper
Reliability of automotive and consumer MEMS sensors - an overview
M. Hommel
11:10 A3-1 #114 Reliability assessment of film capacitors oriented by dependent and nonlinear degradation considering three-source uncertainties
X. Ye, Y. Hu, B. Zheng, C. Chen, R. Feng, S. Liu, G. Zhai
School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, Harbin Institute of Technology
11:30 A3-2 #47 Investigating Real-Time Control-Flow Error Detection in Hardware: how fast can we detect errors and take action?
A. Hoppe1, F. Kastensmidt2, J. Becker3
1Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT), 2Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, 3Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Session E2 Environmental tests
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons A. GUEDON-GRACIA
11:10 E2-1 #86 Generation and Characterization of Condensation Phenomena in Power Modules
O. Schilling, S. Elhadri, S. Kremp, C. Puls
Infineon AG
11:30 E2-2 #55 Impact of temperature on the corrosion of lead-free solder alloy during salt spray test
K. Akoda, A. Guédon-Gracia, J.-Y. Delétage, B. Plano, H. Frémont
Université de Bordeaux/Laboratoire IMS
Session H MEMS reliability
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons G. PAPAIOANNOU
11:50 H-1 #102 A novel method for the assessment of surface charge density variance in capacitive RF-MEMS switches
D. Birmpiliotis, M. Koutsoureli, G. Papaioannou
University of Athens
12:10 Lunch
13:50 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session KN3 Key note paper
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons N. LABAT
14:00   Invited paper
Nanoscale III-V Electronics: InGaAs FINFETs and Nanowire MOSFETs.
J. Del Alamo
Session F2-1 Wide bandgap degradation physics: GaN and SiC
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons L.THEOLIER
14:40 F2-1-1 #115 Positive and negative charge trapping GaN HEMTs: interplay between thermal emission and transport-limited processes
A. Nardo1, C. De Santi2, C. Koller3, C. Ostermaier3, I. Daumiller3, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni1, M. Meneghini2
1Univeristà degli Studi di Padova, 2University of Padova, 3Infineon Technologies Austria
15:00 F2-1-2 #32 Hot Electron Effects in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs During Hard-Switching Events
A. Minetto1, N. Modolo2, M. Meneghini2, E. Zanoni2, L. Sayadi1, S. Sicre1, B. Deutschmann3, O. Häberlen1
1Infineon Technologies Austria AG, 2Department of Information Engineering, University of Padua, 3Graz University of Technology
15:20 F2-1-3 #104 TCAD investigation of the transport of carriers deposited by alpha particles in Silicon Carbide power Schottky devices
M. Pocaterra, M. Ciappa
ETH Zurich
15:40 F2-1-4 #100 Gate-oxide degradation characteristics of SiC MOSFETs under continuous switching conditions
S.-I. Hayashi, K. Wada
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Session B1 Reliability in MOS Technologies: from Low Voltage to High Power
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons A. BRAVAIX
14:40 B1-1 #152 Modeling HCD interaction between On and Off modes for 28nm FDSOI used AC RF applications
M. T. Garba Seybou1, X. Federspiel1, A. Bravaix2, F. Cacho1
1STMicroelectronics, 2ISEN-REER, IM2NP UMR
15:00 B1-2 #90 Impact of Single-Defects on the Variability of CMOS Inverter Circuits
M. Waltl1, D. Waldhoer1, K. Tselios1, B. Stampfer1, C. Schleich1, G. Rzepa2, H. Enichlmair3, E. G. Ioannidis3, R. Minixhofer3, T. Grasser1
1TU Wien/Institute for Microelectronics, 2Global TCAD Solutions, 3ams AG
15:20 B1-3 #120 Radiation and Annealing Related Effects in NBT Stressed P-Channel Power VDMOSFETs
D. Danković1, V. Davidović1, S. Golubović1, S. Veljković1, N. Mitrović1, S. Djorić-Veljković2
1Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia, 2Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš, Serbia
15:40 B1-4 #53 Local capacitance-voltage profiling and high voltage stress effect study of SiO2/SiC structures by time-resolved scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
K. Yamasue, K. Suzuki, Y. Cho
Tohoku University
16:00 Coffee Break
Session F2-2 Wide bandgap failure analysis
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons L.THEOLIER
16:20   Invited paper
Vertical GaN devices: process and reliability
S. You
17:00 F2-2-1 #82 Influence of different test strategies on the power cycling test results of 6.5 kV SiC MOSFETs
M. Gerlach1, R. Boldyrjew-Mast1, F. Bruchhold1, J. Lutz1, T. Basler1, H. Schwarzmann2
1Chemnitz University of Technology, 2SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
17:20 F2-2-2 #33 Towards a safe failure mode under short-circuit operation of power SiC MOSFET using optimal gate source voltage depolarization
W. Jouha1, F. Richardeau1, S. Azzopardi2
1Laplace -INP Toulouse, 2SAFRAN TECH
17:40 F2-2-3 #12 Investigations on Acceptable Breakdown Voltage Variation of Parallel-Connected SiC MOSFETs Applied in Solid-State Circuit Breakers
Z. Lou1, K. Wada2, W. Saito1, S.-I. Nishizawa1
1Kyushu University, 2Tokyo Metropolitan University
18:00 F2-2-4 #103 Avalanche Current Balancing Using Parallel Connection of SiC-JFETs with Cascode Connection
M. Sagara1, K. Wada1, S.-I. Nishizawa2, W. Saito2
1Tokyo Metropolitan University, 2Kyushu University
Session B2 Reliability of Advanced Memories
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons A. BRAVAIX
17:00 B2-1 #71 Carbon Ion Implantation as Healing Strategy for Improved Reliability in Phase Change Memory Arrays
G. Bourgeois, G. Navarro
CEA, LETI, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, 38000 Grenoble, France.
17:20 B2-2 #26 Improving Failure Rates in Two-pulse SOT-MRAM Switching by Reinforcement Learning
J. Ender1, R. Lacerda De Orio2, S. Fiorentini1, S. Selberherr2, W. Goes3, V. Sverdlov1
1Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nonvolatile Magnetoresistive Memory and Logic, Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien, 2Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien, 3Silvaco Europe Ltd.
17:40 B2-3 #91 Morphology and reliability aspects of 40nm eSTM architecture
F. Melul1, V. Della Marca2, M. Bocquet2, M. Akbal3, P. Laine2, F. Trenteseaux4, M. Mantelli3, M. Hesse3, A. Regnier3, S. Niel4, F. La Rosa3
1Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, IM2NP UMR 7334 / STMicroelectronics Rousset, 2Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, IM2NP UMR 7334, 3STMicroelectronics Rousset, 4STMicroelectronics Crolles
18:00 B2-4 #132 Hot-carrier evaluation of a zero-cost transistor developed via process optimization in an embedded non-volatile memory CMOS technology
P. Devoge1, H. Aziza2, P. Lorenzini3, A. Marzaki1, A. Malherbe1, M. Mantelli1, A. Regnier1, F. Julien1
1STMicroelectronics, 2Aix-Marseille University, 3University of Côte d'Azur
18:20 B2-5 #5 Search for copper diffusion at hybrid bonding interface through chemical and electrical characterisations
J. Jourdon1, S. Lhostis1, S. Moreau2, P. Lamontagne1, H. Fremont3
1STMicroelectronics, Crolles, 2CEA LETI, 3IMS-Bordeaux

Wednesday, October 6

8:20 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session I3-1 Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons M.MAZUREK
8:30   Invited paper
From semiconductor components to the LHC "system of systems": dealing with radiation effects in critical high-energy accelerator equipment
R. Garcia Alia
09:10 I3-1-1 #76 Evaluating Softcore GPU in SRAM-Based FPGA under Radiation-Induced Effects
M. M. Goncalves1, F. Benevenuti1, G. Braga1, H. Hernandez2, M. Hubner2, M. Brandalero2, F. Kastensmidt1, J. R. Azambuja1
1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 2Brandenbug University of Technology - Cottbus Senftenberg
09:30 I3-1-2 #109 Basic single-event mechanisms in Ge-based nanoelectronics subjected to terrestrial atmospheric neutrons
D. Munteanu1, J.-L. Autran2
1CNRS-IM2NP, 2Aix-Marseille University
09:50 I3-1-3 #89 On the evaluation of FPGA radiation benchmarks
G. Bricas1, G. Tsiligiannis1, A. Touboul1, J. Boch1, M. Kastriotou2, C. Cazzaniga2, C. Frost2
1IES - Institut d'Electronique est des Systèmes, 2STFC
Session E3 Silver sintering for power modules
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons A. GUEDON-GRACIA
9:10 E3-1 #154 Constitutive equations for strain rate and temperature dependent mechanical behaviour of porous Ag-sintered joints in electronic packages
M. Lederer, Z. Gökdeniz, G. Khatibi, J. Nicolics
TU Wien
09:30 E3-2 #77 Thermal aging of power module assemblies based on ceramic heat sink and multilayers pressureless silver sintering
N. Botter1, R. Khazaka2, Y. Avenas1, J.-M. Missiaen1, D. Bouvard1, S. Azzopardi2
1Université Grenoble Alpes, 2SAFRAN Tech
09:50 E3-3 #51 Nano Ag sintering on Cu substrate assisted by self-assembled monolayers for high-temperature electronics packaging
C. Liu1, L. Zhang1, Y. Su2, Z. Zhou1, C. Liu1
1Loughborough University, 2Beihang University
10:10 Coffee Break
Session I3-2 Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons M.MAZUREK
10:30 I3-2-1 #143 Modelling of Charge Injection by Multi-Photon Absorption in GaN-on-Si HEMTs for SEE Testing
C. Ngom1, V. Pouget2, M. Zerarka3, F. Coccetti3, O. Crepel4, A. Touboul2, M. Matmat3
1IRT Saint Exupery Toulouse, 2IES, Université de Montpellier, 3IRT Saint-Exupery Toulouse, 4Airbus Toulouse
10:50 I3-2-2 #59 Recharging Process of Commercial Floating-Gate MOS Transistor in Dosimetry Application
S. D. Ilić1, M. S. Andjelković2, R. Duane3, A. J. Palma4, M. Sarajlić1, S. Stanković5, G. S. Ristić6
1Center of Microelectronic Technologies, Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, 2System Architectures Department, IHP - Leibniz Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik, 3Centre for Micro and Nano Systems, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Dyke Parade, Cork, Ireland, 4Department of Electronics and Computer Technology, University of Granada, Granada, 5Department of Radiation and Environmental Protection, "Vinča" Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, 6Applied Physics Laboratory, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš
11:10 I3-2-3 #79 Impact of Radiation-Induced Soft Error on Embedded Cryptography Algorithms
V. Bandeira1, J. Sampford2, M. Garay Trindade3, R. Garibotti4, R. Possamai Bastos3, R. Reis1, L. Ost5
1UFRGS, 2Phixos, 3Université Grenoble Alpes, 4PUCRS, 5Loughborough University
11:30 I3-2-4 #122 Evaluating reliability through soft error triggered exceptions at ARM Cortex-A9 microprocessor
P. M. Aviles, A. Lindoso, J. A. Belloch, L. Entrena
University Carlos III de Madrid
11:50 I3-2-5 #146 Analysis of Radiation-induced Transient Errors on 7nm FinFET Technology
S. Azimi, C. De Sio, L. Sterpone
Politecnico di Torino
Session F3 Power Electronics Systems: Reliability and Failure Analysis
  virtual Room 2
chairpersons F.IANNUZZO
10:30 F3-1 #34 Fast cut-off, low I2T and high temperature monolithic on-chip fuse on silicon substrate for new fail-safe embedded power switch
A. Oumaziz1, F. Richardeau2, A. Bourennane3, V. Bley4, C. Combettes4, A. Ghannam5, E. Sarraute2
1LAPLACE & LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, 2LAPLACE, Toulouse, 3LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, 4LAPLACE, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, 53DiS technologies
10:50 F3-2 #113 Thermal monitoring of the stator winding insulating part by a reliable thermal model for failure mitigation
T. Guenenna, K. Ben Smida, A. Khedher
11:10 F3-3 #138 FEM analysis of a HF coreless transformer for automotive applications
S. Daniele1, D. Spaggiari2, D. Santoro2, P. Cova2, N. Delmonte2
1Federal-Mogul Italy s.r.l., 2University of Parma
11:30 F3-4 #17 Behavioral modeling of PROFET^TM devices for system-level simulation of mission profiles in automotive environment applications
M. Simonazzi1, D. Santoro1, M. Bernardoni2, N. Delmonte1, P. Cova1, R. Menozzi3
1University of Parma, 2Infineon Technologies, 3Università di Parma
11:50 F3-5 #137 Recurrent Neural Networks Based Model for Reliability of Power Electronic Systems in PMSG
S. Liu, D. Zhou, C. Wu, F. Blaabjerg
Aalborg University
12:10 Lunch
13:50 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session I1-I2 ESD-EOS, Latchup,EMC-EMI
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons P. GALY
14:00   Invited paper
Innovation and novelty in electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical overstress from 1980 to 2020
S. H. Voldman
ESD Consulting LCC
14:40 I1-I2-1 #88 Intrinsic ESD robustness on new high voltage N/PMOS devices in 28nm FDSOI CMOS technology through TLP/VFTLP characterizations
P. Galy1, B. Jacquier2, S. Haendler3
1STMicroelectronics, 2Stmicroelectronics, 3STmicroelectronics
15:00 I1-I2-2 #15 Study on the high-temperature triggering and holding characteristics of PDSOI SCR devices
W. Jiaxin, L. Xiaojing, Z. Chuanbin
Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
15:20 I1-I2-3 #41 Impact of Place and Route Strategy on FPGA Electromagnetic Emission
E. Lara1, A. Constante1, J. Benfica1, F. Vargas1, A. Boyer2, S. Ben Dhia2, A. Gleinser3, G. Winkler3, B. Deutschmann3
1Catholic University - PUCRS, 2LAAS-CNRS, 3Graz University of Technology - TU Graz
15:40 I1-I2-4 #96 Temperature effects on the conducted emission of a high-side switch
N. Baptistat1, T. Dubois2, K. Abouda1, G. Duchamp2
1NXP, 2IMS Laboratory/Univ. Bordeaux
16:00 I1-I2-5 #127 Conducted EMI Susceptibility Analysis of a COTS Processor as Function of Thermal Cycling and Overvoltage Stresses
M. Fay Soares, F. Vargas, J. D’ornelas Benfica
Catholic University - PUCRS
Session F1 IGBT reliability
  virtual Room 2
chairperson L.THEOLIER
14:40 F1-1 #133 Application of artificial neural networks to the identification of weak electrical regions in large area MIM structures
J. Muñoz-Gorriz1, S. Monaghan2, K. Cherkaoui2, J. Suñe1, P. Hurley2, E. Miranda1
1Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 2Tyndall National Institute
15:00 F1-2 #131 Long-Term Electrical Stability of Next Generation LV Trench IGBT at Hitachi ABB Power Grids
N. Schneider1, E. Buitrago1, W. A. Vitale2, L. De-Michielis2
1Hitachi ABB Powergrids, 2Hitachi ABB Power Grids
15:20 F1-3 #123 Improved HV-H³TRB robustness of a 1700 V IGBT chip set in standard power modules
J.-H. Peters1, M. Hanf1, S. Clausner1, C. Zorn2, N. Kaminski1
1Institute for Electrical Drives, Power Electronics, and Devices, University of Bremen, 2ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, University of Bremen
15:40 F1-4 #151 Comparisons of the instability in device characteristics for thin-film SOI power n- and p-MOSFETs at high temperature under AC stress
R. Yamanishi, S. Matsumoto
Kyushu Institute of Technology
16:00 F1-5 #107 A testing method for evaluating shoot-through immunity of IGBTs in an inverter
K. Hasegawa1, S. Abe2, M. Tsukuda3, I. Omura2, T. Ninomiya3
1Kyushu Istitute of Technology, 2Kyushu Institute of Technology, 3Green Electronics Research Institute, Kitakyushu
16:20 Coffee Break
  Poster session I
16:40  virtual Room 1
moderators T. DUBOIS
16:40 IP-1 #9 Analyzing the Impact of Guard-ring on Different Dual-direction SCR by Device Simulation and TLP Measurement
Y. Wang, J. Li, D. Jia, W. Wei
Xiangtan University
16:45 IP-8 #87 Stability of Wireless Power Transfer using Gamma-ray Irradiated GaN Power HEMTs
S.-W. Tang1, P.-Y. Yao2, D.-S. Chao3, T.-L. Wu1, H.-M. Hsu2
1National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, 2National Chung Hsing University, 3National Tsing Hua University
16:50 IP-2 #49 Layout-based mitigation of single-event transient for monolithic 3D CMOS integrated circuits
J. Zhang1, F. Liu2, B. Li2, Y. Huang2, C. Yang2, G. Wang2, J. Luo2
1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
16:55 IP-3 #54 Error sensitivity study of FFT architectures implemented in FPGA
L. ÁN. García-Astudillo1, A. Lindoso2, L. Entrena2, H. Martín2, M. García-Valderas2
1Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2University Carlos III Madrid
17:00 IP-4 #57 Evaluating the soft-error sensitivity of LU decomposition on low-power and high-end GPUs
G. León1, J. M. Badía1, J. A. Belloch2, A. Lindoso2, L. Entrena2
1Universitat Jaume I de Castellón, 2Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
17:05 IP-5 #63 Impacts of Carbon Ions on SEU in SOI SRAM
J. Gao1, Q. Zhang2, K. Xi3, B. Li4, B. Li5, P. Lu4, C. Wang6, K. Wang4, G. Zhang4, F. Zhao4, J. Li5, H. Liu6, L. Wang4, J. Luo7, Z. Han7, J. Liu8, G. Guo9
1University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering,China Academy of Space Technology, 3Institute of Microelectronics Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5IMECAS, 6Key Laboratory of Silicon Device Technology ,Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 8Materials Research Centre, Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing
17:10 IP-6 #65 A New Mixed Hardening Methodology applied to a 32-bit DSP 28nm FDSOI Subjected to Gamma Radiation
A. Urena Acuna1, J.-M. Armani1, M. Slimani1, I. Miro Panades1, P. Dollfus2
1Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives (CEA), 2Centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology (C2N), CNRS
17:15 IP-7 #84 Design and Verification of Multiple SEU Mitigated Circuits on SRAM-based FPGA System
J. Yu1, C. Cai2, B. Ning3, T. Liu4, L. Xu5, M. Shen3
1Fudan University, 2Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group, 4Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5State Key Laboratory of ASIC and System, Fudan University
17:20 IP-9 #94 Research on Single Event Effect Test of a RRAM Memory and Space Flight Demonstration
H. Lyu
China Aerospace Components Engineering Center
17:25 IP-10 #99 Degradation of AIIIBV/Ge triple junction solar cells irradiated by gamma-rays, electrons and neutrons
M. Ryabtseva1, A. Petrov2, G. Voevodkin1, K. Tapero2, N. Vagapova1, M. Bankovsky2
1Join Stock Company “Scientific and Production Enterprise “Kvant”, 2Research Institute of Scientific Instruments (RISI)
17:30 IP-11 #108 Electronics reliability assessment of future power fusion machines: neutron interaction analysis in bulk silicon
J.-L. Autran1, M. Daniela2
1Aix-Marseille University, 2CNRS
17:35 IP-12 #130 Influence of ionizing radiation on the conducted electromagnetic emission of integrated circuits
N. Czepl, B. Deutschmann, A. Michalowska-Forsyth
Institute of Electronics
  Poster session F1, F2, F3
16:40  virtual Room 2
moderators F. COCCETTI
16:40 F1P-1 #70 Impact of Cooling Conditions on Power Cycling Lifetime of IGBT Module
L. Ding1, J. Cai1, J. Wang1, N. Jiang2
1Hefei University of Technology, 2Institute of Semiconductor, Guangdong Academy of Sciences
16:45 F1P-2 #98 Practical challenges of high-power IGBT’s I-V curve measurement and its importance in reliability analysis
O. Alavi, L. Van Cappellen, W. De Ceuninck, M. Daenen
Hasselt University
16:50 F2P-1 #21 Influence of Phosphorus Diffusion on the SiO2/4H-SiC (0001) Interface during Poly Gate Formation Process
C. Wan1, Y. Zhang2, H. Xu1
1Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
16:55 F2P-2 #46 A Novel Double-Sided Cooling Packaging Structure of Sic-Based Half Bridge Module Integrating the Laminated Busbar
J. Wang1, Y. Liu2, S. Yu2, C. Wang2, L. Ding2, N. Jiang3
1Hefei University of Technology;Institute of Energy, Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, 2Hefei University of Technology, 3Institute of Energy, Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center
17:00 F2P-3 #62 Repetitive short circuit capability of SiC MOSFET at specific low gate-source voltage bias for more robust extreme operation
W. Jouha1, F. Richardeau1, S. Azzopardi2
1LAPLACE, University of Toulouse,CNRS, INPT, UPS, 2Safran
17:05 F2P-4 #83 Analysis of the Subthreshold Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with a p-GaN Gate
S.-W. Tang, T.-L. Wu
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
17:10 F2P-5 #125 Measurement and Simulation of Short Circuit Current Sharing under Parallel Connection: SiC MOSFETs and SiC Cascode JFETs
R. Wu1, S. N. Agbo2, S. Mendy1, E. Bashar1, S. Jahdi3, J. Ortiz Gonzalez2, O. Alatise1
1University of Warwick, 2The University of Warwick, 3University of Bristol
17:15 F3P-1 #10 Fault Location Method of IGBT Short-Circuit for a Grid-Tied Netural-Point-Clamped Inverter System
M. Ma, X. Meng, N. Xiang, H. Wang, X. Zhang
Hefei University of Technology
17:20 F3P-2 #22 Online Monitoring of IGBT Modules Based on Creating the Non-interventional Monitoring Environment
M. Ma, N. Meng, H. Wang, Z. Chen
Hefei University of Technology
17:25 F3P-3 #36 A method to improve the accuracy and efficiency for metallized-film capacitor’s reliability assessment using joint simulation
J. Yin, Y. Zhang, C. Lv
Xi'an Jiaotong University
17:30 F3P-4 #39 DC-Side faults mechanism analysis and causes location for Two-Stage Photovoltaic Grid Connected Inverters
M. Ma, P. Xiong, N. Xiang
Hefei University of Technology
17:35 F3P-5 #43 Diagnosis of Open-Phase Fault of Five-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor by Harmonic Current Analysis
T. Li1, R. Ma1, Z. Zhang2
1Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2CHANG'AN UNIVERSITY
17:40 F3P-6 #56 Robustness study of a fast protection method based on the gate-charge dedicated for SiC MOSFETs power device
Y. Barazi, F. Richardeau, N. Rouger, J.-M. Blaquiere
Lab. LAPLACE - CNRS - Université Toulouse INP
17:45 F3P-7 #66 Calendar degradation of Li-ion batteries under high storage temperature based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Y. Sun, S. Zhang, J. Qi, Z. Su
Harbin University of Science and Technology

Thursday, October 7

8:20 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session G Photonic reliability
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons M. VANZI
8:30   Invited paper
Practical considerations for the reliability of fiber optic monitoring serving condition-based maintenance of aerospace-grade components
T. Geernaert
VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel
09:10 G-1 #13 Fault diagnosis of PID in crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules through I-V curve
M. Ma1, H. Wang1, N. Xiang1, P. Yun2, H. Wang1
1Hefei University of Technology, 2Sungrow Power Supply
09:30 G-2 #97 Electrical, optical characterization and degradation of Cu(InGa)Se2 devices with fluorine-doped tin oxide back contact
M. Bertoncello1, M. Barbato1, A. Caria1, M. Buffolo1, C. De Santi1, S. Rampino2, G. Meneghesso1, M. Meneghini1
1Università degli studi di Padova, 2CRN-IMEM
09:50 G-3 #117 Degradation mechanisms of 1.3 μm C-doped quantum dot lasers grown on native substrate
M. Zenari1, M. Buffolo1, C. De Santi1, J. Norman2, R. Herrick3, G. Meneghesso1, E. Zanoni1, J. Bowers2, M. Meneghini1
1Università degli studi di Padova, 2University of California, Santa Barbara, 3Intel Corporation, Santa Clara
10:10 G-4 #126 Effect of indium content and carrier distribution on the efficiency and reliability of InGaN/GaN-based multi quantum well light emitting diode
C. Casu, M. Buffolo, A. Caria, C. De Santi, M. Meneghini, E. Zanoni, G. Meneghesso
Università degli studi di Padova
10:30 G-5 #148 Optical characterizations of “P-down” bonded InP pump laser
S. Gerard1, C. Starck1, F. Laruelle1, M. Bettiati1, J.-P. Landesman2
13SP Technologies, 2Institut Foton INSA Rennes
10:50 Coffee Break
  Poster session G, B, C
11:10  virtual Room 1
moderators G. BASCOUL
11:10 GP-1 #45 Improved Reliability PERC PV modules with Moth-eye Nanostructured Optical films using Nano Imprint Lithography
K.-S. Oh1, S.-H. Cho1, J.-Y. Choi2, K.-J. Lee3, S.-I. Chan1
1Korea Electronics Technology Institute, 2Nanomecca, 3Government Complex-Sejong
11:15 BP-1 #11 On the stochastic nature of conductive points formation and their effects on reliability of MoS2 RRAM: experimental characterization and Monte Carlo simulation
Y. Huang, X. Wu, Y. Gu, R. Ge, D. Akinwande, J. Lee
University of Texas at Austin
11:20 BP-2 #50 Nanoscale capacitance-voltage profiling of DC bias induced stress on a high-κ/SiO2/Si gate stack
K. Suzuki, K. Yamasue, Y. Cho
Tohoku University
11:25 BP-3 #135 Gate stress reliability of a novel trench-based Triple Gate Transistor
R. Gay1, V. Della Marca2, H. Aziza2, P. Laine2, A. Regnier1, S. Niel1, A. Marzaki1
1STMicroelectronics, 2Aix-Marseille Universty, IM2NP
11:30 CP-1 #20 Soft sensor design for estimation of thermal behavior of encapsulating materials in power electronic module
B. Trajin, I. Sakhraoui, F. Rotella
11:35 CP-2 #25 Analysis of the impact of power loss by degradation of the snail trails in 95kWp photovoltaic power system
W. Oh1, H. Choi1, D. Kim2
1STECO corporation, 2Korea university
  Poster session A, E
11:10  virtual Room 2
moderators A. GUEDON-GRACIA
11:10 AP-1 #7 Optimal design of cyclic-stress accelerated life tests for lognormal lifetime distribution under type I censoring
S.-H. Kim1, S.-I. Sung2
1Samsung Electronics, 2Kyonggi University
11:15 AP-2 #106 Statistical analysis method for accelerated life testing with incomplete data and competing failure modes
G. Pan, X. Li, Y. Li, D. Li, C. Wang
China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute
11:20 AP-3 #156 Lifetime and degradation analysis of AgPt alloy thick film/AlN heater for semiconductor wafer annealing
J.-S. Jeong
Korea Electron Technology Institute (KETI)
11:25 EP-1 #24 Research on Sintering Process and Thermal Conductivity of Hybrid Nanosilver Solder Paste Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Z. Zhang, G. Fu, B. Wan
School of Reliablility and Systems Engineering,Beihang University
11:30 EP-2 #52 Relative importance of solder and wirebond defects on the maximum junction temperature of IGBT devices
P.-Y. Pichon, J. Brandelero
Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe - France
11:35 EP-3 #72 Impact of Heat Treatment on the Lifetime of the Wire-Bonded Power Modules
J. Brandelero, P.-Y. Pichon
Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe
11:40 EP-4 #149 Fatigue crack evolution and effects analysis of Ag sintering die-attachment in SiC power devices under power cycling based on phase-field simulation
Y. Su1, G. Fu1, C. Liu2, C. Liu2, X. Long3
1Beihang University, 2Loughborough University, 3Northwestern Polytechnical University
12:10 Lunch
13:50 Exhibitors flash presentations
  virtual Room 1
Session C Progress in Failure Analysis
  virtual Room 1
chairpersons G. MURA
14:00   Invited paper
AI Techniques for Fault Analysis
K. Schekotihin
AAU Klagenfurt Institute for Applied Informatics,
14:40 C-1 #93 Local metal segregation as root cause for electrical shorts in highly doped pressure sensor devices
M. Simon-Najasek1, P. Diehle1, C. Große2, S. Huebner1, G. Brokmann3, B. Sprenger3, F. Altmann1
1Fraunhofer, 2Fraunhofer IMWS, 3CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH
15:00 C-2 #136 Use of passive, quantitative EBIC to characterize device turn-on in 7 nm technology
G. M. Johnson1, A. Rummel2
1Zeiss Microscopy, 2Kleindiek Nanotechnik
15:20 C-3 #37 Simulation Based Dynamic Laser Stimulation for Failure analysis of Analog and Mixed-signal Circuits
T. Melis1, E. Simeu2, L. Saury3, E. Auvray3
1Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Grenoble INP, TIMA, 2TIMA Laboratory, 3STMicroelectronics
15:40 C-4 #110 Failure case studies of Fast Ionization Dynistors
X. Huang1, L. Liang1, G. Wang2
1Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2China Academy of Engineering Physics
16:00 C-5 #141 A novel material detection method using femtosecond laser and confocal imaging enabling fast inspection of microelectronics
A. Phoulady1, N. May2, H. Choi1, S. Shahbazmohamadi1, P. Tavousi1
1UCONN, 2university of connecticut
  Photonic Workshop
14:40  virtual Room 2
moderator A. BENSOUSSAN
16:20 Coffee Break
17:00 Announcement of ESREF 2022, Best Paper Awards, Conference closing
  virtual Room 1
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